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  • Are incubators worth it for startups?


    New research suggests that incubators don't significantly assist startups.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Could startups find meaning in our photo streams?


    We're generating ever-increasing volumes of photos - so why isn't technology helping us find meaning in them?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Mikko Hypponen: better digital security needs more European startups


    We've handed over our data to American companies, and given up our privacy with it. We need to understand what the threats are - and to build an European online world that keeps our data safe, says Mikko Hypponen of F-Secure.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Berlin Startups: The Friendship Economy


    One of the main reasons why Berlin is such a fertile ground for startups is the willingness to support each other - the “Friendship Economy”. At NEXT Berlin 2012 Edial Dekker, Felix Petersen and David Noël discussed the issue together with Mike Butcher.

  • NEXT15: Call for Start-ups


    Deadline for Call for Startups prolonged until August 23: Present your disruptive start-up idea at the NEXT15 stage and at Reeperbahn Festival!

    By Ina Feistritzer

  • Stefan Kellner

  • Antonia Ermacora

  • Laurent Haug

    Investor & Creative Matchmaker
    Anthemis / MKS Alternative Investments
  • Antonia Ermacora

  • NEXT15: How We Will Live


    We've announced the theme for NEXT15: How We Will Live

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Yuri van Geest

    Founding CEO
    Singularity University NL
  • #futureofwork is now

    • Markus Tacker, CTO

    The time to wait for the perfect company to show up at your doorstep is over. We have the knowledge and the tools to build companies that we want to work at. And those companies have no location and span multiple time zones. In this talk I'd like to …

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  • The (useful) Path to honest failure


    Path has "failed" - and has been sold to a Korean company. Kevin Rose - an investor in it - thinks we should acknowledge this.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Jedi Techniques for Innovators

    • Aleksandar Stojanovic, Chairman

    Todays leaders face a paradox: How to radically disrupt a system, when the system itself has to remain intact to fuel and energize its own disruption? Aleksandar has answers at hand. Based on his personal experiences and insights as an executive, radical innovator, change maker and transformation strategist in both …

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  • Unleash the Nerd or how corporates can learn to love digital change

    • Tobias Kaufmann, Managing Director

    With digital transformation as a new narrative in today’s business there is a lot of work ahead of corporates. Adopting the innovative culture of startups and hackers into large and often rigid corporate structure is a challenge at many levels. Community based event formats like hackathons or unconferences are great …

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    • change management
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  • Taking the leap into the digital nomad lifestyle


    The internet should - in theory - free information work from being tied to particular places. Why do we find it hard to let go of geography and enjoy digital freedom?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Internet Explorer RIP: the disruptor disrupted


    Microsoft is killing off Internet Explorer, which was once king of the web browser market. How the mighty fall.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Apple, IBM and the startup opportunity


    Apple had another great quarter, but it's already sowing the seeds of dramatically better quarters to come…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Technology isn’t the future, it’s the culture


    Technology is slowly ceasing to be something in its own right, as it becomes the very heart of our culture.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • The mobile don’t roam


    Mobile roaming just got a whole lot cheaper in Europe - and it's about to get cheaper yet.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • What’s the extortion price of stopping a DDoS?


    The FBI is on the trail of the startup-attacking DDoS attackers. But the criminals' demands are surprisingly slight…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • NEXT14 pitch winner to launch platform for cinemas


    By the end of May, the new cinema platform Cinepass will enter the market by offering moviegoers a service for all film theatres in one city. The inventors of Cinepass won the NEXT14 Start-up Pitch Award this week, despite strong competition from all over Europe.

    By Ina Feistritzer

  • The Future of branding and companies


    Is aspirational marketing dead? Can your business foster innovation - or does it crush it? Have you got stuck between two business models? NEXT14 explores the new normal for business

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Mobility and the connected car


    How could connected cars change our future - in fact, could we rethink urban transport completely? Four speakers explore this topic at NEXT14

    By Adam Tinworth