Locations & Accommodation

NEXT15 Location

NEXT Stage

Schmidts Tivoli
Spielbudenplatz 27
20359 Hamburg

NEXT Lounge

Nio, Tanzende Türme
Reeperbahn 1
20359 Hamburg

NEXT15 will take place on September 24 & 25, 2015 at and around the Reeperbahn – the beating heart of Hamburg.

For more than 150 years, the Reeperbahn has been world famous for its clubs, concert-halls, pubs, theatres, tattoo studios, art galleries and – of course – its red light entertainment!

For NEXT15 it will be a fun setting, buzzing with energy during day, and even more electric at night.

NEXT will take place in different venues, reflecting the Reeperbahn’s diversity:

/ The NEXT Stage will inspire you with international talks and keynotes in the plush comedy theatre Schmidts Tivoli.

/ The NEXT Lounge will move into the ground floor of the Dancing Towers building, offering you a unique networking space right at the entry to the Reeperbahn.

/ The NEXT Studios will facilitate thematic workshops, experience formats and discussion circles in bars, music studios and clubs near by.

/ The NEXT Tour will offer you excursions, some by boat, and to interesting places such as the new example for smart living: Apartimentum.

Recommended Hotels
with special offers for NEXT attendees


Heiligengeistbrücke 4, 20459 Hamburg
phone +49 40 36 80 60, website

Inter City Hotel

St. Petersburger Straße 1, 20355 Hamburg
phone +49 40 600 01 40, website

Zleep Hotel

Königstraße 4, 22767 Hamburg
phone +49 40 311 82 10, website

During the Reeperbahn Festival hotels will sell out fast.
So we highly recommend you book your accommodation today.