Speakers Policy

We love our speaking crew on stage because each and everyone of them is unique and has unique ideas. Presenting at NEXT is a special experience. To make and keep it that way we ask you to consider our small set of guidelines:

  • In principle, there are two ways to get on the NEXT stage: Speakers can be proposed by other people or apply for themselves. Unfortunately, the official Call for Participation to do so is already finished.
  • Speakers at NEXT BERLIN are not paid to speak. They share their experience and insights, and come to meet the NEXT community.
  • Speakers are asked not to do any commercial pitch, and focus on ideas sharing.
  • We ask speakers to be present during the two days of the conference. We try to avoid inviting speakers who will only come for the duration of their speech as NEXT is first and foremost about creating networking between all the participants.
  • In the interest of all the participants, we are pretty strict with the time allotted to presentations and will as smoothly as possible cut a presentation that goes beyond the time limit.
  • Speakers agree that their talk will be recorded and videos put online for free download and viewing.
  • We try to pay plane tickets and travel expenses to speakers who need it and do not work for organisations that can cover the costs.

Heavily borrowed from the LIFT conference. Many thanks to Laurent Haug!