NEXT14 Start-Up Pitch

  • Avuba

    Jonas Piela, CEO

    Avuba unwinds the complexity of your everyday financial life. Our bank accounts haven’t seen any real innovation in decades. We still pay fees for cash withdrawals. We use codes on paper lists or unwieldy gadgets to verify a transaction. Our bank accounts don’t help us understand our spending behaviour …

    • banking
    • mobile banking
    • Mobile Finance
    • Payment
  • flux

    Daniel Rieth, Co-founder and Managing Partner

    flux will simplify communication as the messaging client for all networks. It brings together all your contacts and messages across all your social networks and email accounts into one trusted place. Unified messaging, seamlessly. Easy and powerful. I write you an email, you answer via Facebook. With flux everything is …

    • communication client
    • contact book
    • messaging client
    • unified messaging
  • Android multitouch table GLIP

    Przemyslaw Kozlowski, CEO

    Android smart tables and smart displays The products offered by GLIP include touch surfaces based on Android. There is a wide selection of screen sizes, i.e. from 32 inches to 84 inches but only GLIP allow to connect android multitouch and wireless. Technical parameters relating to, for instance, the processor …

    • Android
    • Bluetooth
    • multitouch table
    • WiFi
  • PinPoint.

    Alec McCullie, Entrepreneur

    PINPOINT is a new web based platform that enables anyone to create their own smartphone or tablet application using iBeacon technology. Designed for fast development and deployment, PINPOINT is amazingly easy to use and does not require any programming skills. iBeacons (or simply ‘beacons’) are small bluetooth transmitters that allow …

    • app
    • beacon
    • iBeacon
    • mapping
    • template
    • WiFi
  • Brewie

    Marcell Pal, CMO

    Brewie is a fully automated personal brewery made for a) beer consumers who haven’t brewed before b) amateur and professional homebrewers c) small (micro) breweries that experiments with loads of recipes. Brewie makes homebrewing easy thereby opening the gates of this so far niche market to a wider audience. Users …

    • automated brewery
    • beer
    • brewery
    • craft beer
    • homebrewing

    Nicolò Amaglio, Business Development

    Customers of theme parks, tourism attractions and events with professional photographers have to make long queues at photo selling kiosks or look for their photos among thousands of others in the event web page. Thanks to FOTOSSS they will be able to receive and buy their pictures shot by professional …

    • Events
    • leisure parks
    • photo
    • photo selling
    • theme parks
  • YDreams Robotics

    Nuno Menezes, Brand Roboticist

    We take advantage of the widespread use of smartphones and its rich set of hardware features to turn everyday objects into robotic devices. Our first product is the Smartlamp: a robotic desk lamp that acts as your personal assistant, coach, robotic friend. It’s a modular platform, open for developers …

    • internet of things
    • robots
  • G|Predictive

    Björn Goerke, CEO

    We stop the waste of money on inefficient marketing campaigns. Companies carry out endless campaigns for selling their products. This can be done in newsletters, catalogs, telesales. Most people don´t buy just because they just received a newsletter or a catalog. Even worse: most of them get annoyed. This way …

    • application
    • big data analytics
    • software as a service

    Alex Shevnda, marketer

    Nowadays success depends on collaboration more than ever. That is why team fit is so important and has become a point of interest for team leads, project managers, sales leads, CEOs and COOs. is independent online tool that requires minimal effort and provides value by identifying socionic profile …

    • B2B
    • communications
    • HR
    • project
    • relations
    • Team
  • webZunder

    Dirk Spannaus, Co-Founder & CEO

    webZunder is the Social Media Dashboard for the entrepreneur. Existing solutions are made for professional users. They have way too many features for the ordinary user, require a steep learning curve and often cost way too much. We think that small and medium businesses should benefit from innovative marketing strategies …

    • facebook
    • kmu
    • marketing
    • online
    • Saas
    • sme
    • socialmedia
    • Twitter
    • wordpress

    Ramona Meier, COO

    Localgourmet offers the best meat directly from the farm next door. You can choose the farm and even the single animal online. So we offer you great taste and a clear conscience as all information about the production and the animals’ life is provided. Localgourmet is the first supplier …

  • Akanoo

    Jan-Paul Lüdtke, Founder, Head of Business Development

    Akanoo identifies online-shop visitors’ purchase probability and affinity for purchase incentives in real-time before they leave the online shop. It addresses online-shop visitors at the right moment with the right promotions who would not buy otherwise. Akanoo increases the likelihood of purchases and shop profits. Akanoo turns expensive visitors into …

    • big data
    • conversion-rate optimization
    • digital empathy
    • e-commerce optimization
    • predictive analytics
    • real-time analytics

    Attila Szigeti, Founder,

    Online Peer Review System for Speeches and Presentations. Summary: is an online Public Speaking and verbal communication training site. People can share their speeches with a closed community, and get structured, constructive feedback. Market: The e-learning market will reach $51,5B until 2016, an estimated 20% of this …

    • crowdsourcing
    • education
    • public speaking
  • Communikite

    Asaf Siman-Tov, Founder & CEO

    Communikite is a location-based classifieds app for mobile where users can discover and interact with their vicinity in a new way. It is utilising an unusual UI and strong privacy protection methods. With Communikite, we imagine the world as one huge kite park and in this park, anybody that has …

    • app
    • community
    • discover
    • interact
    • meet
    • mobile
  • Argus Labs

    Filip Maertens, Founder & CEO

    Argus Labs offers a cloud solution (API and SDK) so companies can build mobile apps that can sense, understand and anticipate the behaviour and mood of mobile audiences to increase user engagements and enable precision targeting. At Argus Labs, we are building AI-driven profiling algorithms and machine intelligence that …

    • ad-tech
    • advertising
    • AI
    • artificial intelligence
    • behaviour
    • big data
    • context
    • machine learning
    • mood
    • Personalization
    • sensors
    • Targeting
  • SkillnDeal

    Tatiana Chapovalova, Founder & CEO

    World’s biggest problem has always been lack of connection between inquisitive mind and the proper teacher. Well, now there’s a solution. Mozarts of yoga, Bruce Lees of cooking and Schumachers of handicrafts finally have a place where they can share their talents with humanity. SkillnDeal is an online marketplace where …

    • Aggregation
    • B2C
    • booking
    • community
    • courses
    • fluid spaces
    • Knowledge
    • locations
    • market transparency
    • Marketplace
    • offline activities
    • P2P
    • Service
    • share economy
    • social
    • study
    • teach
    • ticketing
  • Dashify

    Oliver Fritzsche, Co-Founder

    Dashify is a simple-to-use Saas-tool for data aggregation, visualisation and goal setting. Our Business Intelligence Tool for SMEs provides you with the following:   Phase 1 (beta stage): Combine your Online Analytics, Social Media, SEO and more. Create personalised Dashboards for your data and receive the information you need …

    • big data
    • Business Intelligence
    • cloud
    • dashboard
    • Data Visualization
    • Saas
  • Jurato

    Philipp von Bülow, Co-Founder & CEO

    Jurato is a platform for attorneys to find new clients and market their services. Clients can request legal support via a sophisticated online tool and we match them with the best attorneys. Lawyers and clients are completely anonymous on the platform, therefore Jurato is very trusted and ensures an …

    • clients
    • law
    • lawyers
    • legal cases
    • Marketplace
    • Saas
    • specialized lawyers
  • Veloyo

    Sebastian Kellner, CEO & Founder

    Veloyo is the innovative and intelligent way of an urban bicycle platform and repair service. By providing the service exactly when and where the customer needs support, Veloyo takes away all the annoying stuff that bothers one, once the bike is not rolling smoothly! Whether a flat tire, broken …

    • keep wheels turning
    • mobile service
    • service innovation
    • urban cycling
    • urban mobility
  • OneLife

    David Schaerf, Founder

    OneLife is a vertical cloud service focused on consumer healthcare. The initial aim is to democratize electronic health records by enabling patients to aggregate their healthcare information and electronic medical records in a private cloud. OneLife seeks to digitalize the relationship between patients and doctors and thus improve the …

    • mobile health
  • Webpgr

    Thomas Handorf, CEO

    Webpgr (reads webpager) is the creative platform for the new web. Webpgr has a new user interface for websites. Sites are explored by navigating through different views. Moves, rotations and zooms are used to transition between the different views which can be triggered by links, buttons, events or intuitive gestures.

    • hosting
    • motion
    • photoshop
    • seo
    • unlimited canvas
    • User Interface
    • ux
    • visual design
    • Web Design
    • webpager
    • webpgr
    • Website

    Adir Zimerman, CEO

    SCREEMO connects brands to their audience anywhere, in real-time, using Smartphones and digital screens Launched in Tel Aviv, SCREEMO operates in the United States and Europe with customers such as Madison Square Garden and KPMG. SCREEMO is the 1st Israeli startup to cooperate with Deutsche Telekom's new program Fit4Europe …

    • digital experience
    • Interactive
    • Mobile to screen
  • 2GO Tablets: The next-gen construction tools

    Benjamin Schwärzler, Founder & CEO

    Please think of big industrial projects like building a new power plant. There, assembling parts and machinery is complex. Consequently, up-to-date information and data is key to on-site efficiency. We use standard rugged tablets and create software that makes them the perfect information-tool for field engineers, technicians and workers.

    • app
    • industrial
    • manufacturing
    • tablet
    • technology
  • Powzy SA

    Madhur Agrawal, CEO

    Powzy monetizes 90% of non-paying mobile app users by providing a fully automated platform for brands to offer sponsored in-game items. Powzy works as an additional payment option: users simply choose whether to pay by credit card for in-app items or get them sponsored. The non-obtrusive pull marketing is …

    • Mobile consumer engagement
    • mobile marketing
    • Non-intrusive