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  • Airbnb – A Marketplace For Extraordinary Places To Stay


    Gunnar Froh is Country Manager Germany at Airbnb - a San Francisco based startup. In this presentation during the “International Startups in Berlin” session at NEXT Berlin 2012 he tells us the story of Airbnb.

  • International Start-ups in Berlin


    Berlin is one of the places to be for both innovative startups and accompanying investors - not just coming from Germany, but from around the globe. Three of them discussed the issue at NEXT Berlin 2012.

  • Gunnar Froh

    EU Trust & Safety Manager, Airbnb

  • Finally, the Sharing Economy is back


    Data has become so big these days that even DLD starts to love it. But while Big Data clearly is a technology-driven mega-trend, there is another paradigm-shift that comes more from human behaviour. I’m talking about the so-called Sharing Economy.

    By Martin Recke