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  • It’s me, your digital ego


    At NEXT16, we’ll be putting the human being at the centre. Consumer first. User first. Human first. We are currently working on four main topics that will be the major subjects covered at the 2016 jubilee edition. Read on!

    By Martin Recke

  • Branding in the digital area – The end of idol brands and the rise of Superhero brands

    • Olivier Kennedy, CEO and founder of Enigma

    Today, you need to do more than advertising to create a successful brand. This is the reason why the currently best performing brands aren’t the same as those in the last century. Nestlé, Danone or Procter & Gamble are being challenged like never before. It’s interesting to notice…

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  • Growing a global brand through social media

    • Gareth Capon, Chief Executive Officer

    As industries contend with increasing competition for audience, accelerating globalisation and digitisation of fan bases, Gareth Capon explores the value of social video in an increasingly mobile world, share best practice from innovators in media distribution and provide insight into the future social media landscape.

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  • Taking the leap into the digital nomad lifestyle


    The internet should - in theory - free information work from being tied to particular places. Why do we find it hard to let go of geography and enjoy digital freedom?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Nina Blasberg

    , Paymill

  • Jan Beckers

    CEO, HitFox Group

  • Marco Benninghaus

    Senior Manager App Partnering, Deutsche Telekom

  • Rejecting the digital fakers


    Official blogger Joakim Jardenberg rejects the idea of digital natives and digital immigrants

    By NEXT Berlin

  • Stephan Ritter

    CEO, Fork Unstable Media

  • Jan Möllendorf

    Managing Partner defacto x GmbH, defacto x GmbH

  • Message to the Movie Industry: Don’t Make Me Steal!


    We are here at Lift11 in Geneva, just a short walk away from CERN where the Web originated more than 20 years ago. That is not far away and quite a long time. Nevertheless, huge parts of the content industry still doesn’t get the Web. Have a look at…

    By Martin Recke

  • Mercedes digitises half of its marketing budget


    In the UK, that is. It is clearly a milestone on the way of the digital revolution. Anders Sundt Jensen, VP for brand communications, broke this news at the dmexco trade show this week. Jensen said the dynamics of the UK market and the advanced consumer behaviour in the…

    By Martin Recke