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  • How visual technology and artificial intelligence changes consumer behaviour in e-commerce

    • Daniel Raschke, CEO & Co-Founder

    Working on the crossroad of artificial intelligence and e-commerce, we are developing visual technology to empower online shops/e-commerce. We like to share insights of recent developments in image recognition, trends in visual technology and how machines are trained to understand pictures. Straight from our deep learning lab there are…

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  • Niklas Adalberth

    Deputy CEO & co-founder, Klarna

  • Benjamin Esser

    CEO & Founder, URBANARA

  • Andrea Anderheggen

    Founder & CEO, Shopgate - Mobile Commerce Leader

  • Philipp Gloeckler

    Founder, WHY own it

  • Sebastian Siemiatkowski

    CEO, Klarna

  • Moritz Zimmermann

    CTO , Hybris

  • Will Everyone Love Data?


    Will data be loved by everyone? Considering the online advertising market the answer certainly won’t be yes. Especially premium advertising networks and premium content publishers have always tried to put as little as possible focus on data and measurability and rather promising more or less immeasurable branding effects. This has…

    By Thomas Promny