Start-ups, Get Your Design For Free on July 15!

By Martin Recke

06/07/2010 | With the advent of 99designs and crowdSPRING, the crowdsourcing of creative services such as design is already established. Start-ups which are notoriously short on time and money should definitely consider crowdsourcing their basic design needs like logo or even their name.

12designer At least that's what Eva Missling thinks, founder and CEO of Berlin-based 12designer. She  now has declared July 15 "Start-Up Day". On this day, all start-ups may post a project on  12designer without any fee. While I don't think this means the designers will work for free  too, at least 12designer will waive their fee on Thursday next week.

15 months after launch, 12designer dubs itself as the main European crowdsourcing reference with 8,000 creatives, more than 130,000 submissions and 1,500 projects, most of them started by start-ups themselves. According to Eva Missling, that's not without a reason:

"Starting a company is really a hard test, 12designer knows that from own experience, and it is fair to help those who were in the same situation with the best features: counselling regarding briefing issues, advice through a Design-Jury, telephone support... and now, with a Start-Up Day."

12designer is, compared to 99designs and crowdSPRING, still a tiny platform. 99designs enrolled over 70,000 designers, while crowdSPRING touts its more than 65,000 designers and writers as "World's best creative team". Unlike 99 designs and crowdSPRING, 12designer is available in five European languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian and French). The platform started last year and is funded by Spanish incubator Grupo Intercom. Eva Missling strongly believes in the crowdsourcing model:

"Crowdsourcing is quick and agile: allows a start-up to post a naming project on Friday, to have at least 30 proposals by Monday, then choose a winner, start a logo project and have a winning design by next Friday. That offers to new businesses the possibility of having within a week a name, a logo and a creative to work with further on. In fact, almost 50% of all 12designer's projects stay in touch with the winner as the creative that will work for them from there onwards."

Learn more about crowdsourcing creativity from this panel with Katarina Skoberne from OpenAd and Ross Kimbarovsky of crowdSPRING.