Write about Data Love: Be part of the NEXT11 blog

By Djure Meinen

10/03/2011 | Our NEXT11 blog also allows guest bloggers to post something. The main topic Data Love creates a wide range of potential ideas to write about.

Confess your passion for data like Stephan Noller did at "Zeit", present us the most fashionable analysis tool ever, critically deal with the collection of payback, Google or the European Union or just develop your own new ideas expressing your data love.

If you want to be part of the NEXT11 blog you can choose between differnet participation options:

  • write in your own blog and advise us to your text. If we like your article we'll translate it and put it on our blog. One example would be the article of Sebastian. We also welcome videos and podcasts, so feel free about using this tools.
  • another opportunity would be to primaly write for our NEXT11 blog. The best way to do so is to get in touch with us and promote your schedulded article. Afterwards we'll talk about amount, form and date of the release of your article.

In addition we are in negotiation with our media partners to create supplementary attention for your articles and blogs.

Special: who gets involved with the theme of data love or the NEXT11 and writes blog posts about it boosts the chance to get on our blogger shortlist for invitations for the conference.

Over and above there will also be a real ticket lottery. More infos coming soon.

German post by Djure Meinen