Jury Named 12 Finalists for NEXT Elevator Pitch

By Anja Waltemate

It's done! The final 12 start-ups are up. The jury of the start-up competition has identified the finalists for the NEXT Elevator Pitch.

And here they are:

Gerald Bäck’s start-up becomes a personal memory for users. egoArchive saves every website that a user visits as a screenshot and searchable text which is then stored in a personal archive. egoArchive becomes a personal search engine, which changes the way we search, remember and manage information.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/recall-your-online-life

Halalati helps companies and social media agencies to create and manage viral apps to put on facebook fan pages. Halalati is presented by CEO Thomas Langenberg.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/create-your-own-branded-facebook-app-within-minutes

A social aggregator which brings together web news, social network updates and e-mails from different services, all on a single website. The user can check out their information with one login. joinbox is presented at the NEXT Elevator by co-founder Konrad Mazanowski.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/all-of-your-social-actions-emails-and-online-news-on-one-sweet-website

This aggregator for the German blogosphere collects the blog articles which are most often discussed and linked to. Additionally, it makes discussions between different blogs visible and due to this, it helps users to discover new interesting blogs. Co-founder Jannis Kucharz will present Newshype at the NEXT Elevator Ptich.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/the-aggregator-for-the-german-blogosphere

Under the motto ‘support your hood’, niriu offers online neighbourhood help. This start-up aims to encourage the willingness to help in neighbourhoods as well as support local businesses to interact with their environment. niriu will be presented at the NEXT Elevator Pitch by co-founder Babak Ghanadian.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/support-your-hood

Using replydone, companies can save time replying to e-mail inquiries. The replydone system analyses incoming e-mails and helps to write a response. Replydone makes appropriate text suggestions on the basis of e-mails which have already been sent. replydone will be presented by co-founder Ben Freundorfer.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/never-write-emails-twice

Scitotec simplifies the handling of business information. This start-up offers companies comprehensive solutions for integration of data, determining and improving data quality as well as increasing the capacity of information databases. Scitotec will be presented by Benjamin Beck.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/daten-informationen-management

Shopgate offers mobile shopping solutions. CEO Andrea Anderheggen’s vision for Shopgate is to connect mobile shopping with the offline marketing world such as catalogues, posters, advertisements and television adverts using mobile POS terminals.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/mobile-shopping-leader

Spoovel brings local retailers and their customers closer together. Offers which passers-by recognize can be published on Spoovel by the users themselves or by shop owners. Users can subscribe to certain topics on Spoovel and be notified when a company publishes a new relevant offer.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/spoovel-liebt-dich

Storytude is an iPhone app, which connects audio stories with real places in Germany. Users can download thematic city tours or fictional stories. It works on a GPS-function basis according to the place where the action is taking place. Storytude’s co-founder Lydia Horn will present the start-up at the NEXT Elevator Pitch.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/once-upon-a-place

Trust You
Trust You’s CEO Benjamin Jost’s vision is to aggregate and structure worldwide opinions of local data and products in the form of comments, reviews, tweets and opinions to create the biggest opinion database. Using Trust You analytics, companies can then access the collected data.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/social-semantic-search

Using wahwah.fm, users can share the playlist that they are listening to on their smartphone in real time with others. In this way, wahwah.fm also acts as a personal radio station and as a recommendation platform for others. Founder and CEO Philipp Eibach will present wahwah.fm at the NEXT Elevator Ptich.
Link to Video: http://elevator.nextconf.eu/details/the-music-around-you

The NEXT Elevator Pitch will take place at 9 a.m. on May 17 on the NEXT Stage.