Hurray, it’s Datalove Day today!

By Alisha Steffens

14/02/2012 | Everybody knows that February 14 is Valentine’s Day. But did you already know that today is Datalove Day?

Ok, it’s admittedly not as popular and widespread as Valentine’s Day but we think actually it should be. As you may know the theme of last year’s NEXT was Data Love. And we are still convinced that this is a topic that needs to be discussed.

On this day of love we should all embrace the data a bit more and think about what conventions like the worldwide discussed ACTA would do to it. So not just today it’s time to take the Principles of Datalove to heart that Telecomix once stated:

Love data
Data is essential
Data must flow
Data must be used
Data is neither good nor bad
There is no illegal data
Data is free
Data can not be owned
No man, machine or system shall interrupt the flow of data
Locking data is a crime against datanity
Love data

Let’s say it with the words twittered by the blogger Elle Nerdinger: “Make #datalove, not cyberwar!”.

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| Adam Tinworth

Drat. I forgot to send data a Valentine's card… Maybe I can pick up some virtual flowers. :-)