The Post Digital Week – 19 Feb

The best post-digital-related reading from around the web from the week ending 19th February 2012

We've had to deal with the digital divide – where a societal gap opened up between those with access to digital tools and skills. Is a post-digital divide on the way as well?

We call this the postdigital divide to emphasize the point that in the new world, technology may be required but it is not enough.  Like the first big breach – the digital divide – there will be winners and there will losers. But this time around the divide will not simply separate the tech haves from the tech have-nots. It will likely favor those who know what’s required in the new age of performance, and it will sideline those who do not. In what follows, we look at the things that will almost certainly be required for business – the tools, the metrics, and the new need to design for human experience.

How do you tell pre-digital and post-digital advertising apart?

And, on a similar subject, the French speakers amongst you might ask, is post-digital an underlying trend?

What are the five emerging technologies that will make a business ready for the post-digital era? Deloitte thinks it has the answers.

What happens when five artists gather to discuss the post-digital in Brighton, one of the UK's digital and artistic hubs?

The issue of monetary value was also discussed with the artists questioning the perceived value a buyer has of a post-digital artwork.  The experience of buying art changes: does the way people pay relate to the value a buyer attributes to an object?   There is a certain validation when a buyer pays for work from a commercial gallery.  Where is the validation when buying post-digital art objects over the Internet?  The gallery system is about restricting access to art but this is at odds with that.  Does experience, validation and positioning equate with value?

And finally, someone found a pointer to the post-digital future