The Post-Digital Week – 11 Mar

A simpler set of links this week, but still post-digital for your pleasure…

Having been soundly chastised in the comments last week, I shall keep this week's links nice and simple:

Deloitte Digital talks about disruptive technology, and asks if you are ready for the post digital age? Gabriel Marketing provides a little analysis of the differences between Deloitte's work (particularly the Elevate IT for digital business report) and that of Gartner.

South by Southwest (SXSW to pretty much everyone) is well underway in the US. I'm sure much interesting material will come out of it, but Heather Taylor's account of transmedia TV goes some way to answer my question from yesterday.

The Washington Post profiles the man who was dreaming of tablets two decades before the iPad. (And we know that tablets are post-digital devices)

And I'll leave you with today's challenging reading: Assisted Reality and the use of pleasure

What can be said in light of the 2.0 society in following with Heidegger analysis? Information technologies does not transform nature, and cannot be accounted as mere containers of information. What Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter are transforming is reality, and the way we understand it and deal with it. As posed by Lev Manovich in The Poetics of Augmented Space:Learning from Prada there is a intimate connection between surveillance and the high-tech post-digital society. It may sound as an understatement, but in out virtual presence is constructed around one key concept: a profile. Throughout our virtual life, a number of algorithms observe and learn from our preferences; every word leads to a unique characterisation of who we are to deliver conveniently tailored advertisement in our sidebar.