NEXT Berlin 2012 is shaping up to be an international event

By Martin Recke

12/04/2012 | 26 days to go until NEXT Berlin 2012. Just had a quick look at the list of participants and was surprised by the number of different country codes I found on it. As of today, people from 19 different countries are confirmed, in alphabetical order (by ISO 3166-1): Austria, Canada, Switzerland (CH), Germany (of course), Denmark, Spain (ES), Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the US.

This list isn't even complete, as we don't yet have the country code from all participants. And then there are the speakers, who are again a very international crowd. At the moment we expect speakers from Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Iceland,  the Netherlands, Sweden, and the US. With both lists combined, we'll have participants from 21 countries in Berlin. That's great for a start, and I surely expect this number to climb further.

Image credit: Júlio Reis, license