International Start-ups in Berlin

Berlin is one of the places to be for both innovative startups and accompanying investors  – not just coming from Germany, but from around the globe. Three of them discussed the issue at NEXT Berlin 2012: Gunnar Froh, Country Manager at Airbnb, Jason Whitmire, Partner at Earlybird, and Axel Bringéus, Regional Director and Director International Growth at Spotify.

Moderated by Robin Wauters, they explain what makes Berlin such a fertile ground for international business. “Vis-à-vis places like Munich and Hamburg which we’ve seen comparably fewer investable, internationally marketable deals, I’m surprised that there aren’t more funds on their way”, Whitmire states.

They also venture a glimpse into the future: Standing just at the beginning, Airbnb faces the challenge to attract not only the early adopters, but also the masses. Having already achieved this goal, Spotify is considering product launches in other large European music markets. We’ll see what else the future will bring.