Isaac Wolkerstorfer – All You Need Is Love

Infered from the title, you might think this talk is completely misplaced in a technology track and
would better fit in a wedding fair. But the message Isaac Wolkerstorfer brings across describes a future trend not only for programming, but for every kind of creative work: love driven development.

Companies like Github and Valve have already implemented a corporate culture based on freedom. Their employees are free to work on whatever they think is important and should be worked on. “Some of you will think: ‘That is chaos! Madness!’ But this is how startups work”, Wolkerstorfer explains. The major advantage of this kind of corporate culture is: people will love their work. And if they do so, they will give their best and your company will be truly successful.

In his talk at NEXT Berlin 2012 Wolkerstorfer explains that programming is a fundamentally creative process: “Hacking, building software, is not purely a left-brain activity.” Emotions are also important, because they guide us to creative solutions. Therefore, he concludes, “the future of software is in the heart, not in the head.”