Makielab gets funded

Makielab, whose co-founder Alice Taylor spoke at NEXT this year, has been funded to the tune of $1.4million

Good news today for one of the speakers from NEXT Berlin 2012. GigaOm’s Bobbie Johnson reports that Makielab, co-founded by speaker Alice Taylor, has been funded to the tune of $1.4million:

The alpha is essentially selling a limited batch of dolls, each costing £99 ($150) — which means it is a proof-of-concept largely aimed at adults. But Taylor is adamant that they’ll reach kids as soon as it’s possible. To that end, over time the company hopes to bring down the price as its sales increase, perhaps introducing a £50 ($75) version aimed at children and a higher-end version costing £150 or more for hardcore toy collectors.

And getting from the basic product towards the mass market is what the money, which comes from Nordic VC funds Lifeline Ventures (Thinglink, Ditto) and Sunstone (Gidsy, Podio) — as well as a trio of angels — is being used for.

Makielab’s own blog also talked about the funding.

Alice explained the story of the company last month at the conference. You can read the liveblog of her talk now, and the video will be available soon.