Philipp Moeser – Woogaʼs Declaration of Independence: Everything scales

There are many approaches to developing software. One of them is the Agile concept developed and coined in 2001 within the correspondent manifesto. At NEXT Berlin 2012 Philipp Moeser, CTO at Wooga, explained the idea behind and the implications it has when implemented in a company.

Wooga, one of the largest social games developers, based its work flow on the Agile concept – but, as easy as it sounds, “Agile is no free lunch”, Moeser explains. To fully exploit the potential of Agile software development, the values it is based on have to be part of the corporate culture.

Therefore establishing the concept in a company is not easy and requires more than “rebranding your product managers to scrummasters”, as Moeser puts it. In his talk at this year’s conference he explains how companies can adapt to the concept and which consequences it has for a company’s structure and culture.