Will Sansom – People Power: From Social Marketing to Social Business

Most brands approach social media from the media side, not from the more important perspective: social.

Social Media has been used as a marketing tool for quite a while now, but maybe not the right way, Will Sansom assumes. He explains that many brands use social media like a broadcasting channel – which obviously does not exploit their full potential. But, of course, there are exceptions to the rule, which he presents in his talk at NEXT Berlin 2012. In this he gives examples of brands that don’t consider social media to be merely a tool for marketing, but something to be deeply integrated into their business model.

Customers invest time, money and data in their relationship with brands, and increasingly expect to get something back. One way to satisfy this wish could be to offer practical services with real-world relevance, as Sansom puts it. He further explains that, in doing so, brands can manage the “transition from social marketing to social business”.