Deepa Iyengar – Mind Control On-The-Go

What has been in use in hospitals for quite some time now is gradually finding its way into private households: the EEG. It’s moving beyond its use for medical purposes, and becoming a type of consumer electronics. Deepa Iyengar explained at NEXT Berlin 2012 how developers can use brain data in their software and thereby enable users to control applications with their minds.

“Brain cells work electrically and their activity forms an electric field, which can be measured at the surface of your skull”, she explains and then presents four different ways of using brain data to control applications. Iyengar is CEO of MindGames, a company which develops software that can be controlled via relaxation and attention. Their two latest developments are games for iPhone and iPad, which “offer a fun way to train yourself in mental faculties”. In her opinion, mind-controlled applications are the future, not only for games, but also for professional applications.