Fashion Revolution

Do you remember Lennard Minderhoud’s talk at NEXT Berlin 2012? He reminded us that ten years ago the fashion industry did not believe in shopping clothes online. Regine Harr does not believe in traditional retail shops anymore.

She predicts a dramatic change in the way fashion and clothes are consumed. And she aims at starting the revolution herself. Currently, Harr is working on an application that recognises garments in pictures. It will then search the Internet and recommend you similar pieces of clothing designed by unfamiliar labels. Among the collaborators on this project is Pixray, whose CEO Dennis Wetzig also spoke at NEXT Berlin 2012.

Big brands have been dominating the market – not only in fashion, but also in music. But the power and influence of record labels has decreased, at least in part, because of music services like They recommend similar, but lesser known artists. And Regine Harr imagines the future of fashion to be just like this: “We are going to be the Robin Hoods of fashion. We go out and steal attention from the big brands and give it to indie labels,” she explains.

“People don’t want to buy brands anymore. They want to identify with clothes and designers”, Harr adds while stating, “The whole world is going away from brands. It’s really about expressing your individual unique style.”