I Like My Style: Online Goes Print

First, there was print. Then, there was online. That’s why the vast majority of fashion magazines started as print mags. Websites and blogs were launched later on. ‘I Like My Style’ reversed this process. What started as an online community is now also available as a printed edition. At NEXT Berlin 2012, Adriano Sack presented the concept of a fashion magazine that does everything a little differently.

I Like My Style is not driven by an editorial team or the elite opinion of an chief editor. All stories, outfits and photos stem from an online community. And Adriano Sack emphasises the fact that ilikemystyle.net is a community – not a blog. He sees the website ilikemystyle.com rather as a platform for self-publicists.

Most categories of the magazine seem familiar. At first sight you might think they are just like those in any traditional fashion magazine. But don’t be mistaken: Sack customises them to suit the first user-generated print magazine. The ilikemystyle.com network serves as raw material for the printed version. Everyone is free to submit outfits, photos and stories.

User participation is of high importance for such a bottom-up project. That’s why Sack launches various calls for action in order to strongly involve the community. Still, it is also necessary to produce content exclusively for the magazine – otherwise there would be little point in having a print edition at all.

“Basically, it’s two elements that form the project – which hasn’t been very profitable so far. But from a conceptual point of view it’s been quite challenging and enriching. That’s why we keep doing it,” Sack concluded.