3D Printing & The Future of Fashion

The future of fashion is not about styles. It’s about processes.

In her work, Mary Huang explores which processes are appropriate for producing clothes. And she is not scared by emerging technologies. Her label Continuum experiments with the effects technology and fashion have on one another. At NEXT Berlin she presented her view of the future of fashion.

3D printing is one of the technologies Huang and her partner Jenna Fizel use for
their collections. Its main advantages lies in overcoming the limitations of sewing.

“Fashion designers are often scared by technology, but it only takes a couple of months to learn CAD,” Huang explains. Now she is even producing shoes – which in the past required much expert knowledge and skill.

Continuum does not establish a fashion dictate, but empowers its customers to create their own designs. Huang and Fizel harness the potential that e-commerce and technologies like 3D printing offer designers. In their opinion, the future of fashion lies in true customisation – which is enabled through new technological developments and production methods. Therefore, “data is the new black”, Huang closes.