Michael Breidenbruecker – 3minutes 40seconds

Using the sensory information of modern smartphones is currently a common interaction model. “Project now”, an app Michael Breidenbruecker presented at NEXT Berlin 2012, is going one step further: Sensory information is not just used to control an application, but creates a situation graph representing the user’s context and environment. The software then automatically adapts to it and plays a correspondent song corresponding to your particular musical profile.

“The app tracks what situation you are in and generates a soundtrack through your whole day”, Breidenbruecker explains and starts jogging on the spot. The software immediately reacts to the change and plays music he likes to listen to while doing sports. When Breidenbruecker stops moving, the app plays a slower song again.

In his opinion, contextual information will gain in importance. Especially for mobile devices, situation graphs are essential in order to create user experiences for a specific context. In the future, not only social and interest graphs, but also situation graphs will be valuable data for marketers.