Olsson Anders – Gaze Interaction: The Next Computer Interface

Eye contact is a fundamental type of interaction among both humans and animals. Eyetracking allows you to interact with machines the way you do with other persons.

So far, this technology is mostly used by the heavily impaired, but it is also increasingly integrated into consumer electronics – the latest example being Samsung’s Galaxy S3. At NEXT Berlin 2012 Anders Olsson, Strategic Business Development Manager at Tobii, introduced the topic and ventured a glimpse into the future of this technology.

Gaze interaction transcends the traditional possibilities of controlling devices with your eyes. It allows the user to freely move his head and makes interfaces more adaptive: Zooming and scrolling will become more intuitive and seamless, your focus of attention will automatically be centered on the screen.

Eyetracking and gaze interaction enable a more advanced and natural form of human-machine interaction. They have the potential to tremendously ease our lives by allowing us to lean back and relax while working even more efficiently.