The Future of Fashion Blogging

The web is full of user-generated content. We have never been so comprehensively informed about – well, just about anything. Still, time is short and there’s a lot of great stuff out there. So services like Bloglovin’ come in handy, when you have too many interests and too little time.

At NEXT Berlin 2012 Mattias Swenson presented not only his platform, but also recent trends he observed in the blogosphere. One of them is the ubiquitous mobile movement. Swenson reports that, in Japan, 80% of users read blogs on their mobile phones. In Europe and the US one finds opposite reading habits: only 10% of blogs are read on cells. But Swenson predicts a radical change in the way we receive blogs – together with a change in our shopping behavior. And there aren’t just the two changes ahead of us.

Swenson launched Bloglovin’ simply because of his girlfriend’s passion for fashion blogs. Today, the visual RSS reader has more than 1.4 millions members. And in May, technical service provider Betaworks invested in the Stockholm-based project. So it seems like there is a way to make money with blogs.