The Future of Fashion Media

Participation and the creation of user-generated content are essential elements of the Internet. Everybody posts on Facebook or Twitter, many even write their own blog. That’s the reason we have are better informed than we have ever been. That’s great for us, but it presents a potential problem for advertisers as Internet usage is becoming increasingly fragmented.

People spend their time online not only on one or two websites, but rather visit a multitude of platforms. Because of this, Glam Media aggregates various blogs focusing on fashion and lifestyle. Together, they reach the critical mass of users, and that attracts large advertisers – which in turn make blogging profitable.

Ralf Hirt presented this at NEXT Berlin 2012. He also gave us a sketch of what has changed in fashion media. Hirt is Vice President International and CEO of Glam Media Germany. He oversees the company’s expansion around the globe. And advises bloggers to expand as well. Markets can be covered by simply offering the content in different languages. In doing so, the range of a blog increases and an international audience is attracted.

“From a user point of view the technology offers a lot of value and engagement by exploring, discovering, sharing and simply enjoying what we can do on the Internet. And it is a great opportunity for advertisers to access this huge audience,” Hirt concludes.