Smartphone and Tablet Development in 2012/2013: Trends and Best Practices

As you know, at NEXT Berlin we always focus on trends that will have an impact on the digital industry over the next twelve months. Sundeep Madra dedicated his talk at NEXT12 about this very topic. He is co-founder of Xtreme Labs, a company developing applications for mobile platforms, tablets and smart TVs. Knowing the industry exceptionally well, he shared with the NEXT12 audience his insights into future developments in the mobile market.

His observations accord with talks held by other technologists at the conference. The importance of speed will increase – which means not only that searches etc. must be completed very fast (a topic Steve Souders and Google dedicated a whole company branch to). But also that the app must enable you to accomplish whatever you want to do in under 15 seconds.
Madra describes a range of further developments. One of the most exciting is, according to Madra, that “the best apps will be the ones you don’t even see or touch”. Invisible technology – a scenario Nate Elliott also described at NEXT Berlin 2012 as well.