The Call For Mobile Adventure

Lean back and enjoy a trip in the company of the mobile adventurer Laurent Burdin. At NEXT Berlin 2012 he gave the audience a tour through the diverse landscape of mobile applications. He shared insights on how to successfully enter mobile territory – and emerge unscathed.

Burdin enriched his presentation with various examples of elaborate apps from around the globe. One of them was created by the French Yellow Pages and has been downloaded 7.5 million times – more often than any other local search app.

Since mobile usage has increased across all age groups, thinking mobile is no longer optional. But, even when companies do adopt mobile, what’s often missing is the necessary dedication; mobile is not just another channel. In order to be successful companies have to follow a mobile-specific strategy.

“Your company needs a person that is 100% devoted to mobile,” Burdin advises the audience. And he knows what he is talking about: As Managing Director of SinnerSchrader Mobile he is one of those dedicated people. His conviction is that “mobile is about to radically transform the industries.”