Augmented Reality as a New Creative Medium

Watching Helen Papagiannis’ talk at NEXT Berlin 2012, it’s quite obvious that she is artist, designer and researcher at the same time. In her doctoral thesis she focuses Augmented Reality – and explores it in an artistic way.

For her, art is like storytelling and Augmented Reality is a way for getting these stories across. The technology is context-dependent and -specific, highly customisable and offers a unique experience every time you use it.

That’s why Papagiannis considers it to be the new creative medium. It supports illusions – visual, auditory and in the near future also haptic. And through this artistic point of view, she hopes to evolve technology and facilitate innovation. “It’s really critical that we imagine new things, because this is where it all starts,” Papagiannis closes.

If you’d like to get in touch with her, contact her on twitter.