DNA of the Post Digital Agency – Redefining the Genetic Code for the Creative Industry

Like every other industry, creative agencies have to face the challenges of the post digital era. They need a corporate culture and organisational structures that allow flexible adjustments in these ever changing times. The core of an agency’s business model has to be redefined to meet those requirements. It is not enough anymore to do the best advertising. Successful employees are those that break the rules and overcome traditional patterns. The best staff have non-traditional talents: They are good writers, know how to tell a story and think in pictures.

In this panel discussion at NEXT Berlin 2012 five leading digital agencies discuss this issues and share their vision of the post digital agency.

Before the discussion, the panelists
Tim Malbon (Made by Many),
Matthias Maurer (La Red),
Martin Gassner (SinnerSchrader),
Mike John Otto (Hi-Res!) and
Thorsten Schapmann (deepblue networks)

gave a brief introduction to their agencies and shared insights on their business models & organisational flow. Steffen Stäuber (rvolve) moderated the session.