Post-Digital Business

The second Hot Seat Session at NEXT Berlin 2012 covered the topic ‘Post Digital Business’. Mike Butcher (TechCrunch) grilled Dennis Wetzig (Pixray) and Patrick Meisberger (T-Venture): Is the digital revolution over? Are we already in a post digital era? And what has changed or will change?

The interviewees have very different backgrounds: Dennis Wetzig is co-founder and CEO of Pixray. The startup was launched two years ago and specialised in digital image recognition. The technology can for example be used by content providers to track where his images are used on the web.

Patrick Meisberger, on the other hand, is Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom’s T-Venture. The corporate VC is a well-known player in the industry and has been at the market for 15 years.

Despite their rather opposing angles, they generally agree on the matter – but their reasoning differs a lot. These differences are probably also the reason why Butcher, Wetzig and Meisberger manage to touch a wide range of subjects – from education to coding and the risks big players on the market like Apple and Facebook pose to the Internet.