What Is the Next Big Thing in the Startup Space?

Our fast and ever changing world can be characterised by many different, even oppositional trends and developments. Just recently, ideas like co-creation, co-working, crowd-sourcing, crowd-funding and sustainability became part of business models – which are completely new and different from the way we did business in the past. But what will come next? What will be the trends in the forthcoming twelve to twenty-four months? This was the panel discussion that opened the Startup Track at NEXT Berlin 2012, which was hosted by Deutsche Telekom. Thomas GrĂ¼derich (TestCloud), Carsten Steffen (applaudTo), Nate Elliott (Forrester Research), Felix Petersen (Amen) and Maks Giordano (The Nunatak Group) discussed the issue and answered questions from the audience. Mikkel Svane (Zendesk) served as moderator of the session.