Marie Bernard & Magnus Christensson will speak at NEXT Service Design

Good & bad news: Marie Bernard & Magnus Christensson joined NEXT Service Design as speakers! Unfortunately, Birgit Mager won't be able to speak at the conference.

We have good and bad news: Which would you like to hear first? ;)

Unfortunately, Birgit Mager won’t be able to speak at the NEXT Service Design conference. But we could win Magnus Christensson as a further keynote speaker. He is Partner and Director at Socialsquare, a digital innovation agency. In his talk, he will present the standard-setting case of Denmark’s biggest online shop for books. The product (or is it a service?) was developed by combining lean startup and service design methodologies. Get interesting insights into the Danish view on service design!

At first sight, legal advice and an agile and responsive business don’t seem to fit together. At NEXT Service Design, Marie Bernard will try to produce proof of the contrary.

She is Global Corporate Group Marketing Manager of Salans, an international law firm that tries to do business completely differently from its competitors. In her talk, she’ll explain how digital services can be designed in the world of complex lawsuits and sensitive legal data. Would you have suspected that a simple tea bag or the streets of Riga might influence your thinking on user experience and lean management? That’s the kind of intellectual journey Marie is inviting you to join.

You haven’t bought a ticket for NEXT Service Design? They’re still available. But hurry! Ticket sales end on Sunday!