The Experience is the Product

Keynote by Pedro Custódio, Experience Designers
Speaker at NEXT Service Design 2012

Over the past years, experience designer Pedro Custódio has collected a lot of expertise in the fields of user experience, usability and product development. In his talk at NEXT Service Design, he shared some leanings, he found on his way.

To Pedro, Service Design is about creating meaningful experiences and meaningful interactions – for and with the customers. It’s not about the products itself anymore (their features can easily be replicated) it’s about differentiating products by creating new ideas and emotional interconnections.

A lot of companies think that they have an experience strategy, but Pedro found that only few know, who their users/customers are and what they want! But costumers are going more and more online, and they become more and more demanding. They are in control!

“So get a strategy! Stop doing business as usual,” Pedro says, otherwise the result might be bankruptcy. No one says, this is going to be easy, but it’s worth it. In is talk, Pedro shows how to get started.

Sounds pretty much in line with NEXT Berlin’s topic for the conference on April 23 & 24: Here be dragons! There, digital experts will show you some dragons and how to ride them.