The Design in Service Design

A true evangelist of innovation methodology, Lisa Lindström, the Managing Director of the Swedish design consultancy Doberman, is one of the stars in service design.

At NEXT Service Design she explained, why she made positive experiences asking her (male) customers to walk with a bride’s diadem and her employees to play with Lego.
Sounds funny? Watch this video to find out more.

During her enthusiastic talk at NEXT Service Design, Lisa encouraged her listeners to balance the analytical with the creative part of their work. “Maybe we became so proud of putting on our suits and talking to business people that we forgot about the creative part,” she commented.

But the design in service design is what makes things better. Combining research and craftsmanship is powerful. Therefore, Lisa emphasised, passion, experimentation and creativity are the key factors in successful, innovative design processes. Her solution: put the heart back in!