Cloning the God Lobster: Weavrs, a Post-User Service

David Bausola has a nice punch line that says ‘I work for the majority of the Internet, which is non-human’. In 2012, all kinds of bots and agents produced more web traffic than human beings. For service design, this also means that professionals tend to work for the minority.

Service design, as defined by David, is ‘an industry of designing dilemmas, for transforming identities into deeply loyal customers’. For him, that means taking the business problem, dramatising it, making it appetising for the user, so that he – the user – knows what to do with it.

Philter Phactory, a studio where David is the CEO, created a platform on which anyone can create social media bots with personalities. These so-called Weavrs are an example for what David likes to call ‘Post-User Software’.

When the Gangnam Style phenomenon kicked in a few months ago, at Philter Phactory they first thought it was a bug, before acknowledging it as maybe the largest YouTube hit we’ve seen so far. Weavrs found the meme very early, way before the media.

Listening to David and watching his presentation is really fascinating, as he jumps quickly from one thought to the other. Somehow that is similar to the Weavrs he created, very busy creatures that produce around 40 posts a day.