Bruce Sterling, Anab Jain and Uli Hegge to join NEXT13

Further digital experts to speak at the trendsetting conference.

In 2 months time, over 100 savvy digital business experts from all over Europe and the US will attend the NEXT13 conference to inspire up to 2,000 attendees with talks about future trends and developments. Today, we’d like to present our new top-notch speakers.

/ Bruce Sterling
/ Anab Jain
/ Limor Schweitzer
/ Uli Hegge
/ Stan Sugarman

We are happy to introduce Bruce Sterling as a keynote speaker. The American science fiction author is a founder of the cyberpunk movement, and is an excellent speaker and blogger. He conducts the weblog BEYOND THE BEYOND – a journey into the heart of the growing subculture – for Wired.

Also joining us at NEXT13 is designer Anab Jain. Trained in India, Vienna and London, she started her career with the foundation of Superflux, a multidisciplinary design agency. At the conference she will talk about design practices responsive to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, in particular the challenges of design studios having to compete with „open source communities“.

When thinking of robots, we may have R2D2 or high-tech and fancy engineering in mind, but that’s far from reality. The head of RoboSavvy Limor Schweitzer will shed light on the digital future by talking about 3D printable humanoid robots and tomorrow’s opportunities for robot usage.

“Data driven” might be the shortest and best description for Comdirect General Manager Uli Hegge. Before the pioneering entrepreneur changed fields to the financial sector, Hegge set up several news sites and concepted a web search engine. Together with Stan Sugarman, the Chief Digital Officer of Gruner+Jahr, he will participate in the panel ‘Big Business Meets Dragons’ to discuss the challenges lying ahead.

As you can see, the list of A-level speakers at NEXT13 is getting longer and longer. Those who have already signed up to speak include international innovators and decision makers like Harper Reed, Neelie Kroes, Robert Scoble, Thomas Kiessling, Bryce Roberts, Caroline Drucker and there are many more to come!

Reserve your seats and become a part of the big adventure tours, when 2,000 agenda-setters set to shore to explore new territories of our digital terra incognita.

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