We proudly present: Our media partners for NEXT13

We are excited to announce our media partners for NEXT13! Twelve popular magazines, journals and blogs teamed up to support our conference in April.

We are delighted to welcome on board our media partners for NEXT13! Among them are the German weekly business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche as well as  Germany’s leading design and publishing magazine Page & and its line extension Weave. Together with the digital-business magazine t3n and the Business-to-Business specialist journal Internet World Business, they’ll all support our conference.

Covering subjects such as innovations and new thinking, Wired UK is perfectly suited to be a media partner of this leading European conference for digital business trends. As is the German business-lifestyle magazine Business Punk.

We are also happy to announce partnerships with the The European, which is discussing social issues and The Alpine Review, a platform for progressive thought and leadership.

In addition, we have teamed up with Rude Baguette – France’s first English-language news site covering start-ups and tech and the German news site Deutsche Start-ups.

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 photo by: Richard Busch (CC license)