What’s next? The NEXT13 Dome Stage sessions!

What does the future of human-machine interfaces look like? Is the Maker Movement a business-relevant trend with high impact on the digital industry? The 'Here be Dragons’ sessions will shed light on future trends like the Post-PC era, the Maker Movement, 3D manufacturing and many more!

New digital challenges which might accelerate or disrupt your business will be discussed during our ‘Here be Dragons’ sessions at NEXT13! Over 100 speakers from all over Europe and the US will come to share their specific knowledge in talks about digital trends and future developments.

The sessions, held on our Dome Stage, cover four major trends that will impact on the digital industry in the coming years:

Head of RoboSavvy Limor Schweitzer will present his dancing robot during the Interface Session. Together with his talk about 3D printable humanoid robots and tomorrow’s opportunities for robot usage, the session will shed light on the post-PC era, when the majority of onliners will access the net from mobile devices. What does the future of human-machine interfaces look like?

The Maker Session will include talks about DIY and 3D manufacturing, which are going to revolutionise industries ranging from product innovation to retail. Joining the speakers in this session will be two female entrepreneurs, who prove that the Maker Movement is a business-relevant trend that will impact on the digital industry. Superflux founder Anab Jain will talk about design practices responsive to the challenges and opportunities of the 21th century. Further Alice Taylor, the founder and CEO of MakieLab, will share her experience in establishing a successful business from the maker scene.

As networked technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous and invisible, the border between the digital and physical worlds becomes more and more blurred. In the Invisible Session experts including Martin Spindler will address these developments and discuss themes like Big Data, ubiquitous computing and the Internet of Things.

Devices such as our mobile phones, the Nike fuel band or other wearable computers are already very smart, but they are becoming even smarter: Recent developments make them increasingly context-aware. In which situation, which setting is an app or service being used? Taking this information into account will radically change services and products, and our perception of brands. Over the next few years we will see many visions that sound like Science Fiction today become reality. During the Context Session Robert Scoble will comment on the age of context we are heading towards.

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