telegraphen_lounge @ NEXT Berlin

Are we all going to be cyborgs by 2020? New technologies allow upgrades to the human body. But do we really want that? Discuss with high profile experts at Telekom's telegraphen_lounge on April 23 at NEXT13. Read on to learn how to participate.

Recent developments in medical technology allow the blind to see and the deaf to hear again. Combining these with modern communication technologies, technical upgrades of the human body are possible today. Just order your überhuman senses and powers on the Internet.

In recent years, medical technology has made amazing progress. So-called cochlea implants have almost become a standard treatment for the deaf and allow some to hear again. First experiments with retinal implants show that the blind can expect successful treatment trough modern technology, too. The U.S. military is working on exoskeletons for more able-bodied soldiers. And Google Glass will soon show its users information on everything they see with the help of augmented reality. One does not have to go far to say that homo cyberneticum will become a reality soon. But do we really want this?

We are looking forward to discussing this topic with you controversially at the telegraphen_lounge event at NEXT Berlin. If you would like to join the telegraphen lounge at NEXT13 (7 pm, workshop room A03) please pre-register at Blog.Telekom. Following the panel discussion, a snack and drink will offer the opportunity to enlarge upon the topic.

High profile experts will join the panel (in German) themed “2020, we will be cyborgs”:

Wolf-Michael Catenhusen, Deputy Chairman of the German Ethics Council (Deutscher Ethikrat)
Dr. Peter Tauber, MP and member of the Finding Commission Internet and Digital Society
Tom Bieling, PhD student at the Design Research Lab of the Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK)
Werner Pluta, science editor at
Wolf-Christian Ulrich, ZDF log-in (presenter)