Next Generation Web Tooling: Project ‘Bikeshed’

Programmers are just like composers. They have an idea in mind, but they can’t put it into action right away. The code needs to be compiled and tested – or, in the case of a musician, the notes have to be written on scoresheets, transposed for the various instruments and practiced by an orchestra. Until then, they are able to see whether the results match their original idea. But in music, there are also improvisers who can transform their idea right into music. Nikolai Onken thinks that this form of creation is missing in programming – and he plans to change that. In his opinion, we should rethink how to build web tools.

His company Uxebu developed project ‘Bikeshed’, which has the potential to revolutionise the way web tools are created. In his talk at NEXT Berlin 2012 he explained the basic concepts of this tool. And in life coding, he shows how easy it is to use. He gave the audience an insight into how next generation tools can be developed using web technology.