Using 3D Printing To Create Consumer-facing Goods

Customisation and personalisation are ubiquitous trends: For a couple of years, one has been able to modify the look of his Nike running shoes or mix cereals any way you choose. Still, the options are limited, because this kind of customisation is still mass produced. At NEXT Berlin 2012 Alice Taylor introduced 3D printing and explained how everybody can produce objects using this technology.

3D printing changes traditional ways of manufacturing: You can not only completely determine the form, feel and look of your objects, but also the material they are made of. There are no dangerous or unknown chemicals in your kids’ toys anymore.

Alice Taylor is the CEO of Makielab – a company that 3D prints customised toys. In May the organisation launched a service that is currently unique: You can design your very own 10’’ action dolls (“Makies”) and Makielab will 3D print them for you. In her keynote talk she presented various examples of what they could look like and explained the manufacturing process.