Where is Germany’s startup hub?

A new study shows how important startup culture is to Berlin's economy - but another German city might be benefitting more…

Michelle Kuepper, writing for Venture Village, draws some interesting stats about the startup economy in Germany from a study from Investitionsbank Berlin. For one thing, the star-up economy is worth €3.9bn per annum – 4.2% of the city’s economic output. Not bad.

But it still makes it the number two player. As Kuepper explains:

Surprisingly, the study didn’t point to Berlin as the tech startup hub of Germany. While its ratio of 2.8 companies for every 10,000 people is almost three times the national quota, Munich tops that amount with a ratio of 4.4 companies. Berlin is catching up though, the number of startups founded in the capital has increased by close to 50 per cent since 2008, in comparison to close to 44 per cent in Munich.

Still, good news for Germany that it has multiple cities competing for the prize – in many countries, it’s the capital or bust.