5 things I learnt from LeWeb day two

Insights on the cloud, innovation, mobile and body image.

Five things I drew from the second day of the 10th LeWeb conference…

1. The cloud is only just beginning.

A panel discussion on the cloud kept coming back to the idea that just storing stuff in the cloud is only the beginning of what it can do. Ultimately we’ll be using cloud commuting power more, and moving towards our devices just being a window into our cloud resources.

2. Mobile is the internet

The mobile mindset is a real thing, and is a substantial shift in how people view the internet. According to Forrester Research, the web will fade into the background, and the mobile – and apps – will become the primary way we access services. (Does LeWeb need to change its name?) And the coming generations use the internet – and media generally – very differently from us.

3. The second mouse gets the cheese

Brian Solis argued convincingly that we’re placing way too much emphasis on innovation, and not enough on disruption. And, well, disruption only comes when we solve problems that people had. He gave us a good framework for doing that too…

4. Let things be true to themselves

Gary Vanyerchuk gave a typically boisterous (and sweary) presentation, but his core message – that you should engage with social platforms on their own terms and not continually push the same material to every platform. When in Rome…

5. The Quantified Self often starts with body image

And the guys from Withings were prepared to go the extra mile to prove that…

Gentlemen of Withings