Explore Oculus Rift at the NEXT14 Demo Area

More than 1 trillion dollars will be spent on hardware in 2014. And there is far more to it than touchscreen gadgets, as you’ll find out at the NEXT Berlin conference. In our Demo Area we will present innovative new products and prototypes that will form the new normal.

NEXT14 is a place to interact! At our conference on May 5-6, we’ll invite you to our Demo Area where you’ll experience the latest hot tech stuff that might transform our normality soon.

First of all, NEXT14 will present a fun demo of Oculus Rift. Facebook has just acquired Oculus VR, the leader in virtual reality technology, for about $2 billion. It will be very exciting to see what the social network is planning to do with the astonishing Oculus Rift.

At NEXT14, Pascal Auberson of Lumacode will give attendees the chance to experience Oculus. You’ll be invited to put on a special headset and take part in a virtual skydive over Berlin. You will feel like you’re flying, promised!

And do you like superheros? Then you’re going to love the MaketechX lab! They’ll scan and 3D-print your head, and mount this onto a superhero’s body!

In addition, NEXT Berlin will showcase cool technology trends and prototyes:

Fraunhofer’s Data Glasses: Fraunhofer Insitute created a technology to improve the functionality of the GoogleGlass principle. Users of this glasses can swipe through their display just with their eyes. They don’t have to use their fingers or their voice.

Dustcloud: Dustcloud calls itself a safe, mobile, first-person shooter game played with GPS tracking and electronic guns called Dusters. You can play it everywhere and anytime like a laser tag game. Gaming fans – this is for you!

Lock8: A very handy example for the Internet of Things. You install the Lock8 technology on your bicycle. Then you can close or open the bike locker with your smartphone – no keys needed.

Cylon.js by Hybrid Group: Cylon.js is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things using Node.js. The technology gives you the chance to command your robot easily just by coding.

Panono: Imagine you are in a big city and everything around you looks spectacular. Panono helps you to take „more than a panorama“ picture. It is a camera ball for a 360 degrees view.

Random Studio: Another fun example for the Oculus Rift technology: Random Studio will present an art project created for Oculus Rift, in collaboration with Geoffrey Lillemon, entitled “The Nail Polish Inferno”.

Tado: Tado created a technology to control the heating in your home via an easy-to-usw app. The hardware is installed directly at your heating system and is connected with the app to give you the complete control.

Würfelwald: A project developed by two students. With programmed dice on Plexiglass and a camera below they created a virtual simulated forest on a display which everyone can shape as he likes.

Relayr by WunderBar: Internet of Things starter kit dedicated for app developers. The WunderBar is the easiest way to create innovative and useful apps to connect smart devices.

Furthermore, NEXT attendees can experience mini drones and Google Glass in action. Want to lay your hands on the latest gadgets? Then secure your place at NEXT14 and get your ticket today.

Photo: Oculus VR