Experience NEXT14 with our NEXT NOW App

Keeping up with the packed NEXT Berlin schedule can be quite challenging at times. But there is an easy solution! Our fantastic NEXT NOW App will help to make NEXT14 the perfect conference experience for you.

With 180 speakers, three different stages plus many, many workshops, meet-ups and meet-and-greets – it will be quite a challenge working out what to see and where to go during the two days of NEXT Berlin. But don’t worries, our NEXT NOW App will make it so much easier for you.

It won’t just give you generic hints about general conference information, but personalised answers dependent on your position in the venue and the time of day.

Once installed, NEXT NOW downloads the NEXT14 programme to your device and updates it in the background every time you connect to the Internet. That way you can use the App even when you are offline.

So get the free NEXT NOW app today at nextberlin.eu/app

And you will…

  • be able to see which conference sessions are closest to you.
  • always know what is going on in the next few  minutes – or hours.
  • get detailed information on the session you are currently attending.
  • be able to connect with speakers and add them to your social networks.
  • have the chance to pick your favourite sessions and make your personal schedule.

iBeacons – the new normal

In addition, you will have the chance to experience a brand new technology first hand, as NEXT NOW uses iBeacon technology to deliver relevant information based on your location. An iBeacon is a mini electronic device that periodically broadcasts compact radio messages that trigger your device when you get close to it. Your device – be it iPhone or Android – can decode and interpret the message via Bluetooth (so make sure you have it switched on!). This technology is Apple’s latest standard and can be used for example for indoor navigation or product information such as special offers within shops.

At NEXT14 the iBeacons will trigger information depending on your location and the time slot. If you have installed the App, you will receive notifications like: “Now at the Dome Stage: The New Mobility Session”. For Example, here’s one on the iPhone app:

iBeacon notification from NEXT NOW

NEXT NOW was developed in cooperation with precious design studio, who are also responsible for the creative direction and design of NEXT14, and software developer Heiko Behrens. Technology partner for the iBeacons is the beacon management platform Sensorberg.

Learn more about iBeacon technology

In one of the workshops, Alex Oelling (Co-Founder of Sensorberg) will show how to integrate Apple’s new protocol into your app, too. It’s like adding a web hyperlink to the real world that can alert all nearby smartphones. Christophe Stoll (Co-Founder, precious design studio) will demo the NEXT NOW App and give some insights into the design and development process.

So get the NEXT NOW App today, and receive all the interesting stuff that is going on around you at NEXT14. We recommend to update the app over the weekend to make sure you have the latests version.