NEXT14: what the bloggers said

With over a week passed since NEXT14, what sorts of discussions have been opening up online based on the two days in Berlin?

It hardly seems believable that it’s only just over a week since NEXT14 finished…

But it is, most of the videos are available and it’s time to move onwards. However, it’s worth us pausing a moment just to check in with a few of the things said about the conference online.

The Team

Co-curator Peter Bihr has a selection of behind-the-scenes pics you might enjoy.

Our talented photographer, Dan Taylor of Heisenberg Media has chosen his selection of the best photos he took.

The Attendees

The good folks at Darwinian IT came along, and have summarised their NEXT14 impressions, including this insight:

Besides amazing ideas and truly inspiring people with their respective projects and products, what struck us corporate stooges from the very beginning was the ubiquitous acceptance that change IS the new normal. And participants seemed to realize that dealing with change requires smart, open, agile people to network and leverage each other’s talents. These folks are embracing “The New Normal”.

We made a few appearances in Charmaine Li‘s photo essay of Berlin Web Week.

Ballou PR‘s German team blogged their big take-aways, too:

To get a hold of the new normal and to be one of the early adopters, you have to have the right mindset. In the panel “The New Normal in business: Why we need to teach a startup mindset” David Knight (editor at Techblog Silicon Allee) lead a passionate discussion on when and why you should consider changing from a corporate to a startup mindset.

Alexandra Spiegal drew some conclusions for the fashion industry from the conference themes, and published them in Sportswear International:

What comes after online is hence an important question for the fashion industry. After focusing on online shops, next steps like getting mobile and interactive, personalized on-/offline advertising and providing a more transparent shopping experience to the consumer shouldn’t be ignored, certainly under the aspect of rethinking the effects of more transparent data. All in all, the congress revealed that the future lies in opening up new opportunities with digital innovations and to embrace the New Normal.

Your thoughts?

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