The network always wins

The New Normal has arrived: technology is not ‘special’ anymore, and digital has become normal. The shift to the New Normal has nothing to do with technology, but the effect of the Network. Digital was just an appetizer. The future has become unpredictable. The new model is VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. The age of Networks only fuels the aspect of VUCA. Networks set the world of VUCA on fire. When we enter the Networked Age of VUCA, company have a Fluid Strategy: the two crucial elements are Speed and Agility. The age of Networks is the age of Information: information has become the new oil in this new era. Information becomes core, Information becomes valuable. Everyone is in the information business. Core result #1: Markets disappear and become Networks of Information. Marketing becomes learning how to influence networks. Core result #1: When the outside world becomes a Network, the inside of companies has to behave as a Network as well. It takes a Network to Serve a Network. Innovation propagates faster than ever before. Silicon Valley WAS the high-tech capital of the world. It has now become the Industry-Disruption-Capital of the world. The question is NOT ‘Are you built to last?’. The question in the age of networks is: “Can you Adapt and Leverage?”