Reclaiming a little social business history

When companies fail, their archives are lost, and the web is poorer as links rot away. But sometimes, link rot is reversed…

In our constant rush into the future, the past sometimes gets left behind. For example, Headshift was one of the leaders in Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business (as it’s more normally called now) in Europe throughout the 2000s. It was acquired by Dachis Group – and vanished with that company. And with it went a decade’s worth of blogging and case studies from social business implementation. Link rot set in – and part of the discussion around the use of social tools in business was lost.

Luckily, Headshift founders Lee Bryant (who has been a NEXT speaker several times) and Livio Hughes weren’t prepared to let that happen:

So, having recently re-acquired the Headshift name and content, we have decided to make publicly available, as a web archive, what we believe remains an interesting (and personally cathartic!) trail of blog posts, experiences and case studies spanning a full decade of learning how, when and with whom social technology can be implemented inside organisations to humanise and improve their operations.

So, if you’re interested in social business, dig into those archives